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Oral Surgery

Although the word surgery can sound like a major ordeal, oral surgery can refer to a broad range of possible procedures, some of which are very minor and others that are more complicated. If you are scheduled for oral surgery, it is not uncommon to feel anxious or nervous. Our goal is to provide everything you need to ensure that your visit to our clinic is a comfortable and calm experience. In order to provide that level of comfort, we offer a range of sedation options, which will be matched to the type of surgery you are having and your comfort level.

At Platt Family Dentistry, we offer a wide range of oral surgery, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry procedures. From Dayton to across the country and internationally, we welcome all patients to experience outstanding customer service and tailored treatment plans. If you are scheduled for oral surgery, or if you would like to ask our staff any questions about your procedure or schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

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Common Oral Surgical Procedures

Our clinic has the resources, staff, and technology necessary to provide you with nearly all of your oral surgery needs. The following are just a few examples of oral surgical procedures we can provide.

  • Dental Bone Graft: A bone grafting procedure involves moving a portion of bone from one part of your body to another, or taking donor or synthetic material and placing that material in your jawbone.  The healing process from this procedure can take several months to progress to the point where the patient is able to grow new and viable bone in the area of the graft. Your dentist or periodontist will continue to monitor the graft during this time with regularly scheduled visits.  Once it has been determined that the graft is strong and secure, the process of placing dental implants can begin.
  • Root canals: A root canal generally takes one or two appointments. During your initial consultation, your dentist or hygienist will examine your affected tooth to determine the underlying cause of your pain or discomfort. If root canal therapy is necessary, your dentist will begin by removing the infected pulp and disinfecting the area. Once the inside of the tooth is cleaned, your dentist will place a filling or a crown to seal off the damaged area and prevent future damage.

We also provide a wide range of oral and maxillofacial procedures, and can diagnose and address a broad range of conditions, including the following:

  • Apicoectomy
  • Cleft Lip and Palate
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Dental Implants
  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Impacted Teeth and Tooth Extractions
  • Misaligned Jaws
  • Oral Cancers, Cysts, Tumors, Biopsies
  • Sleep Apnea
  • TMJ
  • Wisdom Teeth, including complicated impacted wisdom teeth.
  • For additional information about types of oral surgical procedures we offer, please contact our staff!

Caring for Your Mouth After Oral Surgery

Your post-operative care will ultimately be determined by what type of oral surgery you have performed, but regardless of what type of surgery you have, it is important that you follow the post-operative directions provided by your dentist as closely as possible and discuss what unique modifications, if any, you will need to make to your brushing/flossing practices as well as any necessary dietary restrictions.

It is also common for mild swelling to occur following many oral surgical procedures. If you are experiencing swelling, using an ice pack for ten minutes at a time can help alleviate this issue. It is also important to follow the prescribed pain relief or antibiotic treatment you are given, as doing so will help speed up your recovery process and reduce the risk of developing an infection.

Provided you take these precautionary steps, you will likely enjoy a full recovery in no time. The best thing you can then do to maintain your results and avoid similar dental procedures in the future is to practice good self-care oral hygiene practices and to continue scheduling follow up appointments with your dentist every six months.

Cost of Oral Surgery

The final cost of your oral surgery procedure will be determined by a variety of factors, including what type of surgery you have performed, the severity of your case, and what type of dental plan you are currently enrolled in. Our office does accept cash, most major credit cards, money orders, and personal checks.

If you have concerns about the extent of care required and would like to discuss alternate financial arrangements, please feel free to contact our office to discuss CareCredit. CareCredit helps patients pay for procedures and treatments that are not covered by insurance by offering low minimum monthly payments and No Interest* financing so you can get what you want, when you want it. Applying for Care Credit only takes three simple steps and can provide instant approval.

If you have any additional questions regarding payments, dental insurance coverage, or available financial options, please contact our office and we will be happy to help.


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At Platinum Dentistry, we believe a healthy smile is a beautiful smile, which is why we provide an array of dental treatments to cater to health as well as aesthetics. Our practice utilizes world-class labs that create customized restorations to restore the structure and beauty of your teeth. We take the time to explain and educate our patients about the importance of health care and answer any questions you may have about treatment so you can make the best decision for your smile. 

With our attention-to-detail for providing high aesthetic results to restoring the health of patients’ teeth and gums, at Platinum Dentistry you are in experienced hands. Take your first step towards a beautiful, healthy smile today and schedule an appointment by contacting our office by phone at 937.293.3402 or fill out our online form.