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Checkups & Exams

One of the best ways to maintain your oral health and address potential issues before they turn into larger problems is to schedule regular checkups and exams every six months. During this comprehensive exam, your dentist will have the opportunity to perform a deep cleaning using specialized equipment and examine your overall oral health. During these regular exams, your dentist will focus on the following:

  • Examination for gum disease: Examination of gums and the bone around your teeth to determine if any signs of periodontal disease are present
  • Examination for signs of tooth decay: Use of special instruments to examine the surfaces of your teeth for signs of decay
  • Evaluation of existing restorations: Examination of your fillings, crowns, and any other restorations
  • Examination of X-rays: Evaluation of X-rays for early detection of tumors, cysts, bone loss, and decay
  • Oral cancer screening: Precautionary exam of the neck, face, lips, throat, and gums for any warning signs of cancer

Our team will also work in helping you develop a preventive program to best ensure you are optimizing your oral health care and addressing issues before they develop into something more serious. Your preventive program will be developed in collaboration with your dentist and our dental staff, and will focus on helping you develop proper oral health care and dietary habits at home.

At Platinum Dentistry, we offer a wide range of services, from cosmetic to restorative dentistry. From Dayton to across the country and internationally, we welcome all patients to experience outstanding customer service and tailored treatment plans. If you are scheduled for a checkup or exam, or if you would like to ask our staff any questions or schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

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Professional Dental Cleanings

A professional dental cleaning may involve more steps when the severity of a patient’s oral health is greater, but most professional dental cleanings involve the following:

  • Plaque Removal: Bacteria can begin to form on the teeth and eventually develop into a film that irritates and inflames the gums. This bacteria, if untreated, can eventually turn into gingivitis or periodontitis. During your deep cleaning, your dentist will use special tools to remove this plaque, which will effectively halt or reverse the affected area.
  • Tartar Removal: When plaque is left untreated for too long, it can harden and turn into tartar. Tartar is much harder to remove, and also can form below the gum line, which will require the use of special instruments to address. If you have tartar removed, your dentist or periodontist may recommend scheduling a follow up appointment within a few months of treatment to ensure that periodontal disease is not developing further.
  • Teeth Polishing:  Teeth polishing involves the removal of plaque or stains that are not able to be removed through conventional brushing or scaling.
  • Additional Screening: Here at Platinum Dentistry. we have made a commitment to staying up with the newest evidence based research and technology. We provide PH saliva testing for caries prevention. Intraoral scanning to record tooth wear and bite, hoping to assure teeth do not age faster than you do. Evaluation of sinus and airways. We have an intraoral camera to get a close up view of occlusal surfaces and oral tissues. We offer CBCT, 3 dimensional xrays to evaluate airway, sinuses, jaw joints and implants.

Addressing Periodontal Disease

Gum disease has become increasingly common over the last several years, with more than half of all Americans over the age of 30 suffering from periodontitis, according to recent studies. And it only gets worse as we age, with more than 70 percent of adults over 65 suffering from advanced gum disease.

If you ever notice a pink tinge of blood on your toothbrush after you have brushed your teeth, you may be suffering from gum disease. This is a sign that the gums have become inflamed, which can cause the bone and tissue surrounding your teeth to deteriorate. The inflammation can turn into infection and begin to eat away at the jawbone. Adults who lose a tooth or teeth are most often suffering from gum disease, which will not only damage your teeth and bones in your mouth, but can also lead to health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Scheduling a checkup is one of the best ways to catch periodontal disease early, and a deep cleaning is the best way to halt or reverse the impact of this disease.


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At Platinum Dentistry, we believe a healthy smile is a beautiful smile, which is why we provide an array of dental treatments to cater to health as well as aesthetics. Our practice utilizes world-class labs that create customized restorations to restore the structure and beauty of your teeth. We take the time to explain and educate our patients about the importance of health care and answer any questions you may have about treatment so you can make the best decision for your smile. 

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